Our company undertakes the study, supervision, and implementation of structured cabling networks in residential buildings, offices, businesses, or industrial spaces, whether they are new installations or in the form of expansions and upgrades.

We can provide you with comprehensive solution packages with a guarantee of quality.

Structured cabling installation covers the following:

  • WiFi
  • VoIP
  • IP TV
  • IP CAM
  • Copper data network
  • Fiber optic data network

Structured low-voltage cabling is one of the most critical elements of your network. It involves the organized collection of copper or fiber optic cables, using specific techniques and materials on walls, ceilings, conduits, etc., connecting all the IT equipment in your building to your local network and the internet.

Our experienced engineers study and design your network infrastructure, taking into account the unique needs of each installation. With the right design, low-voltage network cabling provides flexibility, optimizes response and network operation time, and can support future increased usage needs without additional expenses.

Horizontal Cabling: The term horizontal cabling is used to describe the portion of the cabling (copper or fiber optic) that connects workstations, WiFi access points, IP TVs, IP cameras, etc., to the local floor distributors. By placing the local distributor at an ideal point in the installation, either on the same floor or an intermediate floor, we ensure the limitation of the maximum distance to remote connection points for their proper functioning.

Vertical Cabling: The term vertical cabling is used to describe the part of the network that provides a connection between the local building distributors or the local distributors directly to the building’s central distributor (CR). This is usually implemented with fiber optic cable to ensure the transmission of large data volumes at high speeds without distance limitations. Depending on the project, this cabling may involve not only the local distributors of the same building but even a complex of separate buildings for interconnection with the central distributor (CR).