Hotel WiFi: Enhancing Guest Experience

Hotel WiFi refers to a specialized, unified network designed for hotels and tourist accommodations, providing guests with fast and secure internet access. Tailored for both summer and winter accommodations, agrotourism units, rental rooms, resorts, small boutique hotels, bungalows, guesthouses, studios, seaside resorts, ski resorts, etc., it has become an essential part of modern hospitality infrastructure.

Implementation Process:

The stages involved in implementing Hotel WiFi include:

  1. Our engineers visit your premises.
  2. They analyze the specific needs of your business.
  3. Design a unified network that fully meets your requirements.
  4. Installation of the network with complete support.

Alternative Guest Connection Methods:

  1. No Authentication: Free access to the network with redirection to a welcome page for hotel presentation.
  2. Password Authentication: Connection using passwords provided by the hotel, purchasable by users through credit cards or other payment methods, or free codes provided by the hotel.
  3. Social Login: Certification through social networks.
  4. User Registration with Email Address: Guests can register using their email addresses.
  5. Questionnaire Response: For free internet access, users may need to answer a questionnaire evaluating the hotel’s services.


For Guests:

  • Fast and secure connection.
  • Continuous browsing.
  • Permanent satisfaction.

For Businesses:

  • Satisfied customers.
  • Continuous communication with customers.
  • Statistics for improving marketing strategic planning.
  • Increased popularity through social media.