Wireless WiFi for Public Transportation: Connecting People On the Move

Wireless WiFi for public transportation is a specialized program designed for mass passenger transport businesses, offering passengers the convenience of easy and fast internet connectivity. It caters to various transport modes, including:

  • KTEL (Intercity Bus Services)
  • Tourist Buses
  • Tourist Mini Vans
  • School Buses
  • Recreational Boats

Key Features:

  1. Fast and Secure Connection: Passengers can easily and quickly connect to the internet during their journey.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: Ensures satisfied passengers by providing them with essential connectivity.
  3. Customer Rewards: Offers customer rewards such as special offers, etc.
  4. Continuous Communication: Enables constant communication with passengers.
  5. Real-time Updates: Provides real-time information about the business’s activities.
  6. Statistical Data: Gathers statistics for strategic planning improvement.
  7. Increased Popularity through Social Media: Boosts popularity through social media engagement.

Provided Access Methods:

  • Free Access: Passengers connect freely.
  • Password Access: Access using a password provided by the transportation service.
  • Voucher Access: Access granted through vouchers.

Customization Options:

  1. Speed: Define the internet speed for users.
  2. Data Allocation: Specify the data volume allocated to each user.
  3. Browsing Time: Set the allowed browsing time.
  4. Duration: Define the overall duration of the connectivity.

Enhance the overall travel experience by keeping passengers connected and engaged throughout their journey.