The term “Internet of Things” or IoT refers to the network in which household devices, cars, and any object incorporating electronics communicate to allow connection and exchange of data and information. Specifically, the philosophy of the Internet of Things focuses on connecting all electronic devices to each other in a local network or on the World Wide Web, namely the internet.

The main purpose of IoT’s functionality is to enable users to control devices at home or in their business electronically from a computer or mobile device, making it the latest advancement in technology.

Implementation The stages that are followed consist of the following steps:

  1. Our company’s engineers visit your premises.
  2. They study your actual needs.
  3. They design a unified network that fully covers your requirements.
  4. Installation of the network and complete support.

Advantages The advantages offered by the capabilities of IoT are numerous, facilitating our daily lives. More specifically:

  1. Energy balance
  2. Security
  3. Continuous remote management of our devices
  4. Cost-effectiveness

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