VOIP call centers


VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone centers support all modern technologies. Each user has the ability to communicate from anywhere using a landline device, a mobile application, or a computer, provided there is an active internet connection.


  1. Zero cost for calls in unified networks.
  2. Significant reduction in telecommunication fees.
  3. Immediate expansion.
  4. Direct transfer.
  5. Automated services.
  6. Increased productivity, flexibility, and security.
  7. Competitive advantage in collaborative, adaptive work environments, regardless of the location of your work teams.


Our certified engineers undertake all stages of implementing a telephone center with the aim of correct installation while ensuring its future expandability.

The stages followed consist of the following steps:

  1. On-site recording and study of the installation space.
  2. Providing advice based on your needs.
  3. Networking telephone centers for business branches.
  4. Cost reduction of calls.
  5. Comprehensive study of networking, installation, and functions.
  6. Installation of necessary channels, cabling, and distributors.
  7. Installation and configuration of the telephone center and devices.
  8. Operation training and provision of educational material.
  9. Certification of installation and proper operation of the system with state-of-the-art tools.
  10. Full support based on a maintenance contract.
  11. Digital, hybrid, and VoIP telephone centers from the most reputable manufacturers globally.